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Get your book finished.

(In this lifetime.)

Ghostwriting, cheerleading, mind reading, whip-cracking: pick your mix.

You can hire me to:

- Write your book from prologue to acknowledgments

- Sit on you till you type the final page yourself

- Reshape and shine up what you’ve got.


Which do you need, how long will it take, and how much will it cost?

It’s hard to have set packages for this sort of service, but if you give me 30 minutes, I can figure out what you need. Let’s talk, and then, if we’re a fit, I’ll shoot you a quote.

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I collaborated with Amy on my recent book, Cookie Cut This: Retirement Distribution Strategies for the Non-Conformist. She is very thorough and organized. She asks the right questions to make sure you stay on track and that all the information and thoughts you want to convey come out cohesively and in your voice. She is a real joy to work with.
— Stephen Caruso, J.D., Senior Wealth Advisor, Belpointe Asset Management, New York, NY

These FAQ’s can also help:

Can I just tell you my ideas at the start and then have you go off and write the whole thing for me?

No, but if you can give me one hour a week through the whole process, I can get it done.

How long does a book normally take you to write for me?

Assuming you stay on track with our weekly sessions, 6-9 months.

Great! Can you start mine right away?

Yes -- if you reach out right away.

What if I already have a manuscript -- or at least part of one?

We can work with it. We’ll figure out what to do with what you got, and what to add to it to make it good. OK, better than good.

Will I actually get a physical, published book at the end of this?

That’s not the part I do, but I’ll connect you with book publishers and packagers who handle that end of things and can place that book in your hands. What you will have when we’re done is a nice, fat, finished manuscript ready to publish.

Why should I hire you instead of saving money and writing it myself?

Have you? Have you written it yourself? If so, congrats! If you haven’t yet, you probably won’t. And if you do, it’ll never be as good as it could have been with a writer/editor’s sharp eye.

Why you instead of all the other ghostwriters out there? There are so many.

Most ghostwriters don’t know these industry niches, and you’ll have to spend all your time explaining to them what will be simple shorthand to me. Remember: I understand sequence of returns risk, and I give great compliance.

What about a ghostwriting agency? They say they can do the whole thing for me.

You’ll be one of many, many clients -- not exactly their pet project. They’ll put a steep markup on all the services you’re paying for (writers, graphic artists, production, formatting, all of it). They’ll take your money upfront, and then sit on it. If you were into saving money -- and getting your book finished in this lifetime -- they’re not the way to go.


Got more questions?

I’ll answer them on our free 30-minute call.