Start Your Book 2-Pack

Start Your Book 2-Pack


If you’re determined to start your book, jump start your success with the Start Your Book 2-Pack. Start Your Book takes a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of how to get your book off to the best start, while the Start Your Book in a Weekend Workbook chunks those steps out over the course of a weekend in easy-to-use exercises. 

When you purchase the 2-pack, you learn how to:

  • Write the book that your audience most wants to read

  • Decide which sub-topics support your book topic most effectively

  • Organize your writing time for maximum efficiency

After than a quarter of a century into as a professional writer, I’m intimately familiar with the strategies that maintain motivation, avoid writer’s block and help you stay on track. There’s no secret sauce when it comes to writing a book — it takes, time, effort and motivation. Buying the 2-pack will get you off to the best possible start!

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