Invest in your financial advisory business with a book


Writing a book is a fantastic investment in you, your career and your business.

The return on investment in stocks, bonds and real estate is uncertain and never guaranteed.

But when you invest in yourself, your return is only limited by your time and energy.

When you write a book that captures how you solve your readers’ problems and make their lives better, you can leverage that as a marketing tool and so much more.

A compelling book that enhances the value-add of your business brings a steady stream of prospects to your door.

Capturing “you” in a book delivers your message while you’re off doing other things, like having a life.

A book conveys confidence. When you project confidence, others are more inclined to put their trust in you.

Your book creates the potential to pay dividends for years —even decades — to come.

Once you have a book, you can dismember it for all types of content, including blogs, social media and white papers.

You can also revise, update and re-release it, capturing more interest and attention with just a fraction of the initial work.

Helen Jerlach